Travel Cards

Centrum Travel Card powered by ICICI Bank for international travellers is accepted at ATMs and merchant establishments globally. It is safe and convenient, can be topped up, and is available in 10 currencies – USD, GBP, EUR , AUD, CAD, JPY, SEK, AED, SGD, and SAR.
Our pioneering Centrum Chip Card is a chip-based travel card that uses advanced chip technology, replacing the magnetic strip. We are one of the largest retailers of travel cards issued by Citibank and Axis Bank.


Cash Advance against International Credit Card
Centrum partners with banks to offer Indian Rupees against international credit cards to foreigners and Non-Resident Indians.

International Calling Cards
Centrum has arrangements with telecom companies for outgoing and incoming calls at cost-effective rates. We offer international calling cards in association with:


* Features vary from card to card