Mr. Chandir Gidwani
Mr. Gidwani’s progressive and customer centric approach has led Centrum to offer innovative financial solutions to clients. Appreciating the client’s needs for quality, prompt delivery and service, this far-sightedness has placed Centrum as one of the major financial companies with an established reputation synonymous with reliability and excellence in services. Mr. Gidwani continues to be an ardent believer in the fundamental India growth story and that the global financial community is unanimous in its view that India is the most exciting market for financial services as there are huge opportunities for wealth creation in India. Mr. Gidwani is one amongst the distinguished creed of first generation entrepreneurs, who has, through vision and dedication carved a niche for himself in the financial sector. Mr. Gidwani has created a reputation and goodwill for the Centrum Group of companies; and it is his belief in talent that has helped the organization rope in a highly experienced and competent management team, which is poised to lead Centrum onto an exceptional growth path.

Late Mr. Khushrooh Byramjee
Mr. Byramjee a CA from UK, was a man of great integrity and had an irreplaceable knack to overcome challenges.

A true visionary, Mr. Byramjee made an immense contribution to the country’s shipping prowess. Such was his integrity and reputation that though his firm was an active stakeholder in the stevedoring business in the ports in India, he was invited to join the Governing Board of India’s premium port, The MPT. Mr. Byramjaee’s penchant and understanding of the landscape of shipping and a keen eye for opportunity saw him as an investor and ensured he had an important role play in setting up India’s first private container terminal, the NSICT, a pioneering effort still recognized in the industry.

When in 1997, the Centrum Group approached SEBI for a Merchant Banking license, Mr. Byramjee knew that the financial environment was unpleasant and adverse but felt that there was a need for an honest intermediary, which scripted what Centrum was going to be under his guidance as a philosopher & guide.