In a crowded milieu of claims and promises, Centrum seeks to differentiate itself on the core ingredient of building trust when it comes to helping customers with their wealth. Our advice on wealth is an outcome of an intimate and intense engagement process with the client and rests upon our team’s solid experience, unbiased knowledge and a steadfast commitment to client objectives.

Centrum strives to constantly build and nurture this engagement framework to work to client advantage and thus grow the wealth advice practice of the firm over the longer term. Centrum’s strengths and core value proposition for clients is its people who share this belief system with a passion and who stand up with confidence to the test of experience, knowledge and client commitment.

Financial markets and products are diverse and complex. Client situations too can be extremely dynamic. History has consistently shown that advisor capability has been challenged time and again by market realities. Client confidence in advice too has gone through its share of ebbs and highs. Our approach towards advice is engineered therefore around prudence and towards creating enduring longer term relationships something that Centrum has successfully built across the areas it operates in.

As a result Centrum’s client engagement framework is anchored in some time-tested principles - of understanding client objectives across time horizons, being extremely sensitive to unique customer circumstances, experience and requirements, objectively assessing risk tolerance and presenting solutions that are carefully tailored to the customer’s situation at all times.